Antitrust case dropped against inheritance firm
Antitrust case dropped against inheritance firm
Last fall, a federal judge dropped a criminal antitrust case against a firm that specializes in finding lost heirs. The firm had pleaded not guilty to antitrust charges, including market allocation. A California firm pleaded guilty to conspiracy last year.

According to prosecutors, Kemp & Associates conspired with a number of similar firms to avoid competition and raise prices. The company argued that it provides a valuable service for persons who wouldn’t otherwise know of their inheritances.

The judge in the case ruled that the prosecutors had failed to provide evidence that the agreement stifled competition. He also ruled that the agreement expired in 2008, and the statute of limitations had also expired. The case is part of a Justice Department investigation into the inheritance-finding industry. Typically, firms discover prospective heirs, but do not reveal the name of the deceased person until the heir signs a contract. The heir agrees to split the proceeds of an inheritance with the company.

The company executives faced jail time and fines had they been convicted.

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