Ventura Violent Crimes Rising
Ventura Violent Crimes Rising
The Ventura County Sheriff’s Office says that incidents of violent crimeswere up 30% in the first six months of 2015. In comparison, property crimes were up just 6%. According to officials, violent crimes in Camarillo, Ojai and Fillmore all rose, while Moorpark’s violent crimes rate was unchanged, and violent crimes in Thousand Oaks declined.

Violent crimes account for most of Ventura’s crime increase

The Ventura County Sheriff’s Office blamed the rise in property crimes on gangs from outside of Ventura County coming into the area and committing residential burglaries. The VCSO also said that commercial burglaries had risen in Camarillo, Fillmore and Moorpark. The incidence of property crimes in Thousand Oaks rose, noting that both petty theft and grand theft, including the number of stolen vehicles, had risen in that area.
While the Uniform Crime Statistics for the area noted that cases of sexual assault had declined, the number of sexual assaults more than doubled when FBI revisions to the crime statistics were taken into account. The number of murder cases rose from 1 to 3, representing a 200% increase over the same period in 2014. The total number of violent crimes in Ventura County rose from 191 in 2014 to 248 in 2015, accounting for the 30% overall increase.

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