Ventura sex crimes suspect kills self following chase
Ventura sex crimes suspect kills self following chase
A Ventura man accused of sex crimes with a minor killed himself following a police chase. Jonathan Hanks, 33, of Camarillo faced rape charges involving a 14-year-old girl he met through Snapchat. The man fled his apartment shortly before Los Angeles police arrived to arrest him.

Instead, police found themselves in the middle of a rush-hour chase on Highway 101. During the chase, Hanks’ car began drifting. He crossed all northbound lanes of the freeway before colliding with the center median.

When investigators approached the car, they found Hanks dead in the driver’s seat. They also found an empty bottle, which later tested positive for cyanide. The California Highway Patrol, which managed the chase, had been informed that Hanks planned to kill himself.

According to police, Hanks had no prior history of sexual offenses. The victim’s mother provided police with evidence to support the claim that Hanks had raped her daughter. Hanks met the teenager earlier this month at a Reseda motel.

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