Ventura Neurosurgeon Sentenced for Fraud
Ventura Neurosurgeon Sentenced for Fraud
A former Ventura neurosurgeon was sentenced to nearly 20 years in federal prison for fraud and conspiracy. Dr. Aria Sabit admitted to performing unnecessary surgeries, improperly billing insurance companies and not disclosing his connections to a medical device supply company.

Sabit was accused of convincing Community Memorial Hospital in Ventura to implant devices from a distributor known as Apex Medical Technologies. Sabit failed to disclose that he was the co-owner of the company and that he earned money for each implant the company sold. Sabit worked at the hospital in 2010.

Sabit moved to Michigan in 2011 and continued to perform surgeries, including spinal fusions, at hospitals in Michigan. Most of the patients involved in the criminal case were Medicaid recipients. Many of Sabit’s patients suffered permanent debilitating injuries as the result of Sabit’s work. Patients from both Ventura County and Michigan testified against Sabit in court.

In addition to the criminal case against Sabit, he was named in dozens of lawsuits filed by patients he treated in both California and Michigan.

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