Ventura Fraud Nets Three
Ventura Fraud Nets Three
Federal authorities indicted three people in connection with a Ventura Medicare fraud scheme. According to prosecutors, the owner of Kaja Medical Equipment & Supply worked with physicians who prescribed medically unnecessary equipment. The business then submitted bills to Medicare. The woman also ran a second medical equipment business in Hawthorne.

The business owner, who resides in Redondo Beach, operated the Hawthorne business until 2014. The Ventura business operated until 2016. According to prosecutors, the businesses submitted false bills to Medicare for power wheel chairs and other expensive equipment. In addition, two employees also face charges in the scam. One of the employees worked as the general manager for both locations. The other employee worked as a repair technician.

Prosecutors say that the trio submitted false bills to Medicare over a period of eight years. The Hawthorne invoices exceeded $18 million. In addition to power wheelchairs, the company also billed for accessories and braces. The company also submitted more than $10 million in repair bills for wheelchairs.

During the same time, the company submitted more than $6 million in bills from its Ventura location. Medicare paid more than $2.8 million on the Ventura claims. According to federal prosecutors, the trio will go on trial in mid-February. The business owner faces 29 counts of multiple counts of health care fraud and one count of conspiracy to launder money. If convicted, the trio could spend up to 20 years in federal prison.

Ventura Fraud Attorney

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