Ventura fraud lands Canyon Lake man in jail
Ventura fraud lands Canyon Lake man in jail
A Canyon Lake man has pleaded guilty to two counts of fraud and three counts of grand theft in connection with a foreclosure fraud scheme he operated in Ventura.

Patrick Iturra, 46, promised clients that he could help them avoid foreclosure, and often took advance payments of thousands of dollars from them, even though he did nothing to help them avoid losing their homes. Iturra wasn’t the only person charged in the scheme. Robert and Rosalva Sanchez of Oxnard, were also indicted on grand theft and fraud charges pleaded guilty. They were ordered to serve 180 days in jail and make financial restitution to their victims.

The trio operated Mercury Business Group, which purported to offer financial services, including foreclosure avoidance, debt management, real estate investment services and credit education. The business operated out of a Pasadena address since 2009.

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