Ventura Domestic Violence Suspect Sentenced to Life
Ventura Domestic Violence Suspect Sentenced to Life
A former Ojai man who attempted to kill his former girlfriend in a domestic violence dispute will likely spend the rest of his life in prison. In 2015, the man shot his former girlfriend nine times, but she survived. He also shot and killed the father of the woman’s then-current boyfriend.

The couple met in Ventura County, had a child and at one point moved to Katy, Texas. Shortly after the move, the couple split up and the woman returned to Ventura County. She became involved with another man. The suspect, who had remained in Texas, drove 1,600 miles and hunted the woman down. He found her at her boyfriend’s father’s home, where he shot her. He also shot the boyfriend’s father, who died at the scene.

Initially, the suspect fled to Mexico, but authorities apprehended the man two days after the shootings. A Ventura County couple on vacation in Mexico recognized the man following a social media post by the Ventura Police Department.

Earlier this year, the man – who had previously pleaded not guilty to the charges – changed his plea. As part of the deal, the judge sentenced the man to 72 years to life in prison and ordered the suspect to pay restitution.

Ventura Domestic Violence Lawyer

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Fortunately, most domestic assault cases don’t end in murder. Nonetheless, a domestic assault conviction can wreak havoc on your life. Depending upon your circumstances, domestic assault cases can sometimes be eligible for diversion programs. These programs seek to address the root causes of domestic assaults and eliminate recurrences.

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