Ventura County Domestic Violence Center of Port Angeles Case
Ventura County Domestic Violence Center of Port Angeles Case
A potential criminal case in Port Angeles, WA hinges on an alleged domestic violence assault in Ventura County. Port Angeles resident Michael Cobb said he used a false address on his voter registration to protect his live-in partner.

Cobb is running for a county commission seat. He says he wants to correct the record, but doesn’t want to disclose his address. Cobb listed the marina where he docks his boat as his residence, instead of using his actual residence. He also said he was unaware of any disclosure options when he filed his paperwork.

Cobb says his live-in partner was a victim of domestic violence in Ventura County. He said that his partner’s former husband also stalked her and threatened her. According to Cobb, he confronted the ex-husband in defense of his partner while they lived in Ventura County. Ventura County court records show a misdemeanor battery conviction for Cobb in 2012. The court sentenced him to three years’ probation, fines and costs. Since that time, the court records for that case were expunged and no additional records for that case exist.

Filing false information on a voter registration application is a Class C felony in Washington State. Cobb’s opponent in the race filed a challenge to his candidacy on the false registration grounds. The county auditor rejected the claim on technical grounds. Recently, Cobb’s opponent said she no longer intends to challenge Cobb’s candidacy, but another resident will challenge Cobb’s filing.

Ventura Domestic Violence Lawyer

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