Three Strikes Effort Needs 500K Signatures
Three Strikes Effort Needs 500K Signatures
A grass-roots effort to repeal California’s Three Strikes law needs 500,000 signatures on a petition by June 17 to be placed on the November ballot. CHOOSE1 needs total of 366,000 signatures of registered voters, but the group would like to collect more to make sure that it presents enough valid signatures to examiners.

Initiative could change Three Strikes definition

Under the proposed initiative, “strikes” accumulated before the law took effect in 1994 would no longer count toward supporting a “habitual offender” designation. The measure would also remove “criminal threats” as a conviction that will trigger a strike.

California’s Three Strikes Law is deceptively simple. Felony convictions count as “strikes.” When you accumulate three strikes, you’re out. Literally. A third felony conviction can result in a 25 years-to-life sentence, usually with no chance for parole. Your chances of spending the rest of your life in prison rise substantially with each “strike” you accumulate. And prosecutors are all too eager to brand you with the “habitual offender” tag and get you off the streets permanently. The law has led to ridiculous lifetime sentences for people convicted of non-violent offenses like shoplifting and drug possession.

Some changes to the Three Strikes Law have blunted its impact somewhat, but you may have accumulated non-violent risk lifetime incarceration for non-violent felonies when you accumulate a “strike.” Currently, the Governor of California would like to modify or eliminate the “Three Strikes” law because lifetime incarceration for essentially non-dangerous criminals is expensive. Until this law is off the books, you are at risk!

Lifetime incarceration for non-violent felonies is a high price to pay. It can destroy your life and your family’s emotional and economic security. As an experienced criminal defense attorney, Robert Helfend takes a balanced look at your criminal history and can help you defend against convictions that bring you closer to the ultimate penalty under California’s Three Strikes law.

Working to get charges against you reduced or dropped altogether is critical when facing a felony conviction that will put a “strike” on your record. Whether this is your first felony charge or your third, avoiding felony convictions is key to helping you protect your freedom. That’s why you need a criminal defense attorney who will stand by you, and bring all of his experience and resources together to help defend against felony convictions.

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