Three charged with Simi Valley murder
Three charged with Simi Valley murder
Three people were arrested and charged with a Simi Valley murder that occurred in 2009. Two of the suspects, husband and wife Ronald and Idee Scholz, were arrested in Coeur d’Alene Idaho and extradited to California. The third suspect, Simi Valley resident Glenn Sires, was also arrested.

According to police, victim Janice Richardson at one time lived with Idee Scholz. Scholz had stolen Richardson’s identity while the two lived together. Initially, police believed that Richardson, a known drug user, had died from a drug overdose. Later, friends of Idee Scholz shared details of Richardson’s death that convinced police to reexamine the case. Upon reexamination, policed determined that Richardson’s residence had been staged to make it appear as though she had accidentally overdosed.

Idee and Ronald Scholz left the area and moved to Idaho, where they remained until the time of their arrest. Investigators do not know why the trio killed Richardson

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