Thousand Oaks sex crimes fugitive arrested in MD
Thousand Oaks sex crimes fugitive arrested in MD
A man who fled Thousand Oaks in 2000 has been captured in Maryland. The man faced sex crimes charges in Thousand Oaks, but fled while on bail.

Thousand Oaks authorities arrested the suspect in 1999 for inappropriate contact with five girls under the age of 12. Police officers arrested the man, and a judge gave him a bail of $250,000. He attended his preliminary hearing, where the judge bound him over for trial. A month later, he fled the area.

Police believed that he had fled to his native country, El Salvador. Earlier this year, a tip suggested that the man was living in Maryland, under an assumed name. Police in Anne Arundel County arrested the fugitive in June. A judge authorized his extradition, so Thousand Oaks officers traveled to Maryland to extradite the subject back to Ventura County. He faces 16 felony counts, including 15 sex crimes charges and failure to appear on bail. The suspect remains jailed without bail in the Ventura County Jail. He will return to court on July 26 on matters related to the case.

Thousand Oaks sex crimes lawyer

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