Thousand Oaks Grand Theft Attempt
Thousand Oaks Grand Theft Attempt
The Ventura County Sheriff’s Department arrested one man and is searching for a second in connection with an attempted grand theft at a Kohl’s store in Newbury Park. Store personnel observed the two men, who appeared to be working together. One man was inside the store, loading up a shopping cart with high-end electronics and other expensive merchandise, while the other remained outside the store, acting as a lookout. The two men were in contact with each other via cell phone while the attempted grand theft was in progress.

Man was charged with grand theft, conspiracy

Deputies arrived at the location and detained the lookout. While they were questioning the man, he ran back into the store, then escaped through an emergency exit door. He fled the scene on foot and was not arrested. The man inside the store, Brandon Mel-Cervantes, 22, of Simi Valley, was arrested on suspicion of attempted grand theft and conspiracy.

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