Theft from Victoria's Secret Nets TO Mother-Daughter Team
Theft from Victoria’s Secret Nets TO Mother-Daughter Team
A Thousand Oaks mother-daughter team faces theft following a $15,000 Victoria’s Secret heist. Officials say the team carried out a series of thefts in Thousand Oaks and Oxnard over at least five months.

Victoria’s Secret loss prevention specialists suspect the crew hit their stores for about $250,000 over a period of two years. Store personnel and police used video surveillance to identify and locate their suspects.

Police say the women used a familiar routine to carry out the thefts. Three people – two adults and a teen – would enter the store with a baby stroller. The thieves loaded up the stroller with merchandise, then one would distract store staff. The other two would take the merchandise-laden stroller out of the store.

Detectives say the team also traveled to the Bay area to hit Victoria’s Secret stores there, using the same approach. Police booked all three individuals on suspicion of commercial burglary. The two adults each face five felony charges. In addition, the mother faces two PC 1203(E)(4) special allegations. If found true, they would prevent her from being sentenced to probation. The women will make their first appearance in court on February 15.

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