Theft Suspect from Ventura Will Spend 8 Years in Prison
Theft Suspect from Ventura Will Spend 8 Years in Prison
A Ventura man will spend the next eight years in prison for
theft. Police arrested him and charged him with grand theft after a resident found the suspect in his car.

In August, a Ventura resident called police to report that he had seen his stolen car parked nearby. Officers responded to the scene and saw the suspect leaving the area. Police conducted a traffic stop and arrested the man.

According to the victim, he left his car keys in a backpack at State Beach Park. When he returned to his belongings, he noticed that his keys were missing. He also discovered that his car had been stolen from the park. The man found his car the next day in another section of Ventura. When police arrested the suspect and removed him from the car, they found additional items belonging to the victim.

They booked the man into the Ventura County Jail for stealing the car, possession of a controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia and receiving stolen property. Following the conclusion of the judicial process, the man was found guilty and a judge sentenced him to eight years in state prison.

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