Theft Suspect Arrested After Simi Valley Drive-Off
Theft Suspect Arrested After Simi Valley Drive-Off
Last month, a woman drove off with another person’s car at a Simi Valley car wash. Simi Valley police arrested the woman following a traffic stop shortly after the incident. She faces charges of grand theft in the incident.

According to police the lawful owner of the vehicle stopped at a car wash. The owner, a Simi Valley woman, asked the attendant to get her vehicle for her. The attendant retrieved the vehicle and encountered a woman, whom he gave the keys to.

Immediately after the woman drove away, the attendant realized that vehicle owner was still at the car wash. He had inadvertently given the vehicle to someone else. The owner reported the vehicle stolen, and Simi Valley police spotted the car shortly afterward. They arrested the driver, who was returning to the car wash to retrieve a purse that she had left behind.

The woman received a felony reduction, and pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of Unlawful Driving or Taking of a Vehicle. She received a sentence of time served, but must successfully complete three years of conditional revocable release.

Simi Valley theft lawyer

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