Theft of Bikes in Ventura Leads To Jail Sentence
Theft of Bikes in Ventura Leads To Jail Sentence
A 41-year-old homeless Ventura man will spend 60 days in the Ventura County Jail for theft. The suspect pleaded guilty to misdemeanor theft after stealing two bicycles locked to a bike rack on a parked car. He stole the bikes from the Gateway Plaza Shopping Center in Ventura in September.

Witnesses called the police to report the crime. Officers in the area located the suspect a short distance from the shopping center, along with the stolen bikes. They also found burglary tools in the man’s possession. The officers contacted the bikes’ owner, who confirmed that the stolen property belonged to him.

In addition to the 60-day jail sentence, the man must pay fines and restitution. He must also complete 36 months of probation following his release. He remained jailed following his arrest, so he will complete his jail sentence later this month.

Ventura grand theft lawyer

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