Law enforcement officials in Ventura County arrested three individuals in relation to a vehicle theft scheme. According to investigators, the trio targeted a Ventura car dealership where one of the men worked.

Detectives were investigating the thefts of vehicles from the dealership when they discovered two stolen cars in Thousand Oaks. They located the stolen vehicles on a residential street. They secured a search warrant for a home there, and arrested a male and a female suspect during the search.

A week later, they arrested an employee of the dealership with ties to the pair. Following his arrest, detectives searched his home and found additional evidence linking him to the stolen vehicles. The former employee faces charges of conspiracy and embezzlement, and a special allegation of commission of a felony on bail. Additionally, he faces felony identity theft charges and misdemeanor drug possession, DUI and drug paraphernalia possession charges. The additional charges result from an earlier arrest. He received a bail of $40,000 and will appear in court several times in the next two weeks.

The female suspect in the case faces charges of conspiracy and receiving stolen property. Additionally she faces special allegations of committing a felony while on bail and a prior felony conviction. She will also appear in court for a prior unrelated arrest for identity theft and receiving stolen property. She received a bail of $50,000 and is due back in court this week. The second male suspect faces charges of conspiracy and receiving stolen property. He received a bail of $20,000 and is due back in court this week.

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