Theft Charge for Oxnard Couple
Theft Charge for Oxnard Couple
An off-duty Ventura County Sheriff’s deputy was instrumental in the arrest of an Oxnard couple suspected of auto theft, as well as firearms and drug charges. The deputy was returning home following his shift when he spotted a car that had been reported stolen earlier in the day.

The deputy followed the vehicle, which was later abandoned by the pair in Santa Paula. He contacted the Santa Paula Police Department and informed them that the stolen car had been abandoned in Santa Paula, but that a grey SUV, which was following the stolen car, was potentially involved in the theft.

The SPPD located the suspect SUV and conducted a traffic stop. Two Oxnard residents, Ryan Hotchkiss and Rosa Flores, were arrested. A search of the vehicle turned up cocaine, Ecstasy and a gun that had been reported stolen in Arizona. The off-duty deputy positively identified Flores as the driver of the stolen vehicle. She was charged with possession of a stolen vehicle. Hotchkiss was charged with various drug and firearms offenses.

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