Tax crimes charges for trucking company owners
Tax crimes charges for trucking company owners
Owners of a Long Beach-based trucking company have been arrested for tax crimes related to workers’ compensation fraud and payroll tax evasion. Authorities say that over the course of four years, Alvin and Fiona Chen, owners of Metro Worldwide, Inc., deliberately understated their payroll by nearly $5 million. The resulting fraud reduced the company’s liability for workers’ compensation insurance and employees’ payroll taxes. Investigators say the couple often paid employees in cash to avoid making tax and insurance payments.

An aggressive tax crimes attorney

Tax crimes are complex, largely because the tax code is complex. They’re also very common. At the federal level, you can be charged with failing to pay taxes, refusing to pay taxes, or hiding income to avoid paying taxes. Similarly, you can be charged at the state level. At the state level, tax fraud typically arises when business owners collect taxes from their employees, but fail to forward the money to the state. Equally, individuals and business owners who attempt to disguise the real source of their income, or misstate their income can also be charged with tax fraud.

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