Sexual Assault Charge for Ventura Man
Sexual Assault Charge for Ventura Man
Matthew Boyd, 41, of Ventura was arrested after having been accused of inappropriate sexual contact involving a minor. The victim reported that Boyd touched her in a sexual way. Detectives investigated the incident and spoke with several other minors who indicated that Boyd had also molested them. One victim, who is now an adult, reported that Boyd had assaulted her in 2006, when she was a minor.

Police seek additional sexual assault victims

Ventura police contacted Boyd, who turned himself in. He has been charged with continuous sexual abuse of a child, lewd conduct with a child under 14 and lewd conduct with a child age 14-15. Ventura police are seeking the public’s assistance to identify more potential victims. All of the victims in this case identified Boyd as their attacker. How Boyd came in contact with the victims is not known.

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