Sex crimes Victims Sought In TO
Sex crimes Victims Sought In TO
Police believe that a Thousand Oaks man arrested in connection with a sexual assault may have victimized more people, and is looking for additional sex crimes victims. Thousand Oaks police arrested resident William Beliveau, 63, after a woman accused him of sexually assaulting her at a local hotel.

According to the victim, she met Beliveau in a drug treatment program, and indicated that at least two other people had been similarly victimized by Beliveau. The additional assaults date back as far as 2011. Charges were filed against him in Ventura County in the present case and include the rape of an unconscious person. He has pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Sex crimes Attorney

Sexual assaults are treated seriously in California, and a conviction can result in lengthy prison sentences. In addition, most people convicted of sexual assaults must register – often for life – on the state’s sex offender registry. Sex offender registration can make it difficult to find work and housing. It can even make you ineligible to work in certain professional capacities.

Avoiding conviction on sexual assault charges is essential, and working with an experienced sex crimes attorney is your best strategy when you’ve been arrested. Many defense attorneys struggle to provide adequate representation to clients who have been accused of sex crimes.

The nature of the allegations, the lack of concrete evidence and the character of both the victim and the alleged perpetrator are often called into question during a trial. Working with an experienced sex crimes attorney gives you a significant advantage in court and can help you provide an aggressive defense.

Do not attempt to defend yourself against sexual assault charges, and do not rely on an inexperienced criminal defense attorney to prepare a rigorous defense.

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