Sex crimes suspect from Thousand Oaks arrested
Sex crimes suspect from Thousand Oaks arrested
Police arrested a Thousand Oaks man for sex crimes involving minors last month. According to investigators, they have tied the man to assaults on at least five teenage girls from the area. Police classified the victims as runaways and said the assaults took place over three years.

Ventura County Sheriff’s deputies arrested the man in June after a 17-year-old girl identified the suspect. Investigators set up an undercover operation posing as a 16-year-old girl. The suspect sought to meet the “girl” for sex. Deputies arrested him when he arrived at the meeting location in Camarillo.

Following the man’s arrest, investigators located at least four other minors from Camarillo that the suspect had assaulted. Authorities say that the suspect would pick up the victim and take her to a hotel room in Thousand Oaks, Ventura or Camarillo. The suspect would incapacitate the victim with drugs or alcohol and then assault her.

The man remains jailed in lieu of a $500,000 bond.

Ventura sex crimes attorney

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Most sex offense convictions in California require lifetime sex offender registration. Moving from place to place does not eliminate the registration requirement. You’ll still be required to register as an offender even if you move away from California. The stigma of lifetime sex offender registration may limit your ability to find housing or employment. It also means that you’ll need to maintain regular contact with local law enforcement officials indefinitely.

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