Sex crimes charges for Oxnard man
Sex crimes charges for Oxnard man
An Oxnard man was arrested in March and accused of a number of sex crimes involving a minor. Aaron Reid was booked on suspicion of three counts of lewd conduct with a minor under the age of 14, after the parents of the victim initiated a complaint. According to the complaint, Reid was an acquaintance of the family.

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Mr. Helfend is an experienced sex crimes attorney who works exclusively in criminal defense matters. He takes all kinds of criminal cases, including felonies and misdemeanors. Being arrested on suspicion of having committed a crime does not mean that you forfeit your rights. Even after you have been charged with a crime, you still have rights under the law. Mr. Helfend will work hard to ensure that your rights are protected within the judicial process. At the same time, Mr. Helfend will work to get the charges against you reduced or dropped altogether.

Convictions for sex crimes can have lifetime consequences. Even after you have been released from prison, the law may require lifetime registration and supervision on the state’s Sex Offender Registry. This can prevent you from finding a job and a home!

Mr. Helfend has established a reputation as a fair but aggressive defense attorney and can help you defend yourself successfully, even when the case against you appears strong. With more than 30 years of experience in criminal defense in Southern California, Mr. Helfend knows what it takes to defend yourself in court. Don’t gamble with your freedom, especially when you’ve been charged with a serious sex crime, like child pornography.

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