Sex crimes charge lands Thousand Oaks man in prison
Sex crimes charge lands Thousand Oaks man in prison
A 23-year-old Thousand Oaks man will spend six years in prison following a sex crimes conviction. The man pleaded guilty to two counts of lewd acts upon a child and two special allegations. In exchange, the court dismissed a third similar count against him.

According to investigators, the man caught the attention of police after a 13-year-old girl left school to meet the suspect. The pair engaged in sexual activity. Deputies arrested the man later that day, and he paid a $150,000 bail. Investigators located an additional three victims, and re-arrested the suspect on additional charges. Following his second arrest, he remained in custody.

The judge issued a restraining order to prevent the suspect from contacting his victims. In addition, the man must register as a sex offender upon his release from prison. He must also pay fines and restitution to his victims.

Thousand Oaks sex crimes lawyer

This case illustrates the impact a sexual offense conviction can have on you. Convictions can result in long prison sentences and fines. In addition, the State requires most sex offenders to register permanently. Lifetime sex offender status means that you may have difficulty finding appropriate housing or employment following your release.

Sex offender registration may also place limits on your ability to use the Internet freely. It also significantly increases the contact you will have with law enforcement. In addition, you’ll be required to complete registration compliance checks regularly. While a policy to eliminate registration exists, most offenders don’t qualify. Even if you move out of state, your sex offender status will follow you.

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