Sex crimes arrest for couple in Camarillo
Sex crimes arrest for couple in Camarillo
Two adults were arrested at a Camarillo motel after police acted on an anonymous tip regarding a 15-year-old girl. Police obtained a search warrant and raided the motel room, which had been rented by the couple. According to police, the couple was charged with sex crimes related to human trafficking, child pornography, forcing a minor to commit a commercial sex act and pimping.

Simi Valley resident Jessica Stanley, and Thousand Oaks resident Robert McGraa were charged after undercover police contacted Stanley through anonymous ads she had placed on an online escort site. While making arrangements to meet, police say that Stanley made an explicit offer of sexual services to be performed by the 15-year-old victim. Stanley told the undercover officer that he could meet the girl at the motel after she finished her school day. Stanley would not provide the room number, but said she would provide the information after the undercover officer arrived at the motel for the arranged meeting.

After the undercover officer made contact with Stanley at the motel and ascertained the girl’s room number, a team of officers served the search warrant and arrested Stanley and McGraa. The girl was not arrested, and was provided with victims’ services through the District Attorney’s Office and through Child Protective Services of Ventura County.

Stanley and McGraa face as many as 20 years in prison if convicted on human trafficking charges.

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Sex crimes convictions have long-lasting consequences. Most often, those convicted of sex crimes must register for life as sex offenders. That designation follows you wherever you go, even if you move out of state. Often, registered sex offenders cannot find gainful employment or suitable housing following their release from custody or supervision.

Having an experienced sex crimes attorney fighting for you in court is one of the smartest moves you can make if you’ve been arrested on suspicion of committing sexual offenses. Don’t risk your freedom and your future on an inexperienced sex crimes attorney.
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