Securities fraud suspect gets reduced bail
Securities fraud suspect gets reduced bail
A securities fraud suspect accused of defrauding seniors of more than $2M had his bail reduced. The suspect, an El Dorado Hills resident, faces 126 felony charges of financial fraud. Initially, the judge set the suspect’s bail at more than $4M.

Attorneys from the California Department of Justice argued that the suspect warranted a high bail. They claim that the man attempted to instruct investors to mislead state investigators. In addition, the suspect faces as much as 134 years in prison, if convicted. After hearing arguments regarding the man’s flight risk, the judge reduced his bail to $200,000.

In addition to the lowered bond, the man must have no contact with the investors. He must also surrender his passport and wear an electronic tether. Additionally, the judge scheduled a hearing to determine whether the suspect’s bail came from illegal activities. Finding that it did not, the judge declined the CDOJ’s request to restore the man’s initial bail.

California DOJ officials first noted the suspect’s activities following a complaint in November 2016. During the investigation, they discovered fictitious client account statements and evidence that the suspect used client money for personal expenses. In addition, the suspect promised his investors a generous, fixed rate of return.

The suspect will return to El Dorado County Court on September 4 for a preliminary hearing.

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