Securities fraud conviction results in 27 month sentence
Securities fraud conviction results in 27 month sentence
A California stock broker will spend 27 months in prison for securities fraud. Songkram Roy Sahachaisere operated what investigators described as a classic pump-and-dump penny stock fraud. A jury convicted Sahachaisere in late 2015. A total of nine defendants, including a Canadian citizen, have pleaded guilty in the case.

The case represents one of the largest penny-stock investigations conducted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The probe spanned several years and involved authorities from Canada, Great Britain, Thailand and China. Investors from about three dozen countries fell victim to the fraud.

Sahachaisere and others sought to inflate the price of penny stocks fraudulently. When the value of the stocks reached $100M, the conspirators dumped billions of shares. Sahachaisere promoted the worthless securities. Other participants wrote and published false press releases to inflate the stocks’ values.

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