Securities Fraud Conviction Nets California Attorney
Securities Fraud Conviction Nets California Attorney
A California attorney pleaded guilty to securities fraud for his role in a “pump-and-dump” securities sale scheme. The Nevada City attorney participated in a conspiracy to create falsely registered companies. The fraudulent companies could then be used to carry out stock manipulation schemes.

The attorney authored false legal opinion letters for one of the principals in the scheme. The letters hid the fact that strawmen owned the shares of the scam companies. As written, the letters allowed brokers to accept the shares for deposit and then sell them to unwitting investors. The attorney actually worked for co-conspirators and understood that the co-conspirators actually controlled the questionable companies. At least one of the companies was used for a pump-and-dump stock swindle in 2013.

Federal prosecutors have already won seven other convictions in the case to date. The attorney and two other participants pleaded guilty to the scheme last month. A federal judge will sentence the attorney in June. He faces up to five years in prison and a fine of up to $250,000 or double the offense proceeds.

Ventura securities fraud attorney

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