Securities Fraud Charge Nails California Lawyer
Securities Fraud Charge Nails California Lawyer
A Denver jury convicted man licensed to practice law in California of securities fraud. Guy M. Jean-Pierre, also known as Marcelo Dominguez de Guerra also stands convicted of mail fraud, wire fraud, money laundering and conspiracy.

In all, the jury returned guilty verdicts on 28 of 29 counts against Jean-Pierre. Jean-Pierre’s current troubles relate back to a business he started with his co-conspirators. The business repurposed steel shipping containers for marijuana growing. Initially, the business focused on Colorado and other states that also permit marijuana growing.

At some point, Jean-Pierre began illegally selling stock in the company, known as FusionPharm. He also concealed the role of a co-conspirator who had previous felony securities fraud convictions.

This is not Jean-Pierre’s first brush with the federal courts. In 2015, the Securities and Exchange Commission charged Jean-Pierre with forging attorney opinion letters. This followed charges by the Southern District of New York in 2012 accusing Jean-Pierre of the same thing. In 2015, a federal judge permanently barred Jean-Pierre from any penny-stock activity. The Securities and Exchange Commission also barred Jean-Pierre from practicing as an attorney before the Commission at that time.

Jean-Pierre will return to court in July for sentencing.

Ventura securities fraud attorney

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