Securities fraud charge could lead to 30-year sentence
Securities fraud charge could lead to 30-year sentence
A Northern California venture capitalist could face 30 years in prison for securities fraud. In addition, he faces charges of tax evasion and wire fraud.

According to federal investigators, the defendant worked with major companies and institutional investors. He operated a fund that attracted major companies and states, including North Carolina and Oregon.

Prosecutors claim that the defendant took money from the fund to cover personal expenses and to lavish gifts on his wife and girlfriend. Over a period of seven years, the defendant transferred more than $4 million in investor funds to his personal accounts. Initially, he used the money to cover expenses at the management company. Later he used investor funds to buy expensive jewelry and other gifts, as well as his own personal expenses.

To cover the fraud, he filed false tax returns with the help of a tax preparer. The tax preparer also faces federal charges related to the case.

In 2016, the Securities and Exchange Commission permanently banned the defendant from working legally in the securities industry again. In addition to accepting lifetime disbarment, the defendant agreed to repay investors $4.8 million in restitution and a $1 million fine.

California securities fraud lawyer

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