Securities Fraud Charge For LA Area Man
Securities Fraud Charge For LA Area Man
Federal prosecutors have indicted a Los Angeles Area man and a New Jersey attorney on securities fraud charges. Imran Husain and Gregg Jaclin have been charges with a range of securities violations for their roles in a long-running scam.

Husain and Jaclin are accused of operating a fraudulent scheme to create and sell publicly traded shell companies that according to prosecutors “have no real business or purpose.” Prosecutors allege that from 2006 to 2013, Husain and Jaclin created at least nine shell companies, which Husain controlled completely. Stock in the shell companies was sold, netting the pair hundreds of thousands of dollars in sale proceeds and attorney fees.

Prosecutors allege that Husain and Jaclin conspired to create phony companies, create bogus SEC filings, establish fraudulent corporate structures, and create the appearance of a functional, legal corporation through straw shareholders that were given money to buy shares of the fake companies. Once the companies were established, Husain and Jaclin attempted to sell the worthless shell company to a new owner. According to authorities, Husain and Jaclin made close to $3 million while the scheme was operating.

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