SD Woman Convicted for Oxnard Embezzlement
SD Woman Convicted for Oxnard Embezzlement
A San Diego woman pleaded guilty to an embezzlement scheme involving three Oxnard car dealerships. The woman, who pleaded guilty to three counts of grand theft, admitted to stealing more than $65,000. Prosecutors say the actual amount of the losses exceeded $140,000.

Alexander of Oxnard hired the woman as an accountant in 2012. She began to divert funds from both payroll and petty cash. She used the money to pay off credit card debts. The judge sentenced the woman to 24 months in jail and ordered her to make full restitution. She must also serve 28 months of supervised release following her jail term.

According to prosecutors, a related Arizona car dealership is suing the woman to recover nearly $350,000 that she allegedly stole while working in a similar position there.

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