San Gabriel Woman Sentenced On Sex Crimes Charges
San Gabriel Woman Sentenced On Sex Crimes Charges
A Ventura judge sent a San Gabriel woman to prison for 11 years and fined her nearly $1M for human trafficking. In addition to a sex crimes charge, the woman also pleaded guilty to multiple other felony counts. They included pimping, money laundering, and a single count of filing a false tax return.

Defeng Hu, 33, acted as a dispatcher for a Ventura County human trafficking operation. Ventura County Sheriff’s deputies responded to a advertisement that featured photographs of a Chinese woman. The ad indicated that she offered “escort services” at a Camarillo hotel. In reality, the operation used 28 Chinese nationals who were seeking US residency.

Hu would respond to inquiries generated by the ad, and dispatch women to the hotel to meet customers. As part of the investigation, police obtained a search warrant for Hu’s residence. During the search, Hu attempted to flee with $24,000 in cash, a number of cell phones and business records. She jumped from a third-floor window and broke her ankle.

Police believe the ring generated as much as $50,000 in cash each month. It operated in Ventura, Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino and Tulare counties. Four other defendants have pleaded guilty in connection with the operation. The other defendants face sentences of up to 13 years in prison and fines for participating in the scheme.

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