Robbery arrest for Ventura woman
Robbery arrest for Ventura woman
A Ventura woman was arrested on suspicion of robbery, after allegedly accosting a man in a wheelchair outside of a Chase Bank branch on Telegraph Road.

Robbery suspect detained by citizens

Police were called to the bank after receiving reports of a person causing a disturbance outside of the bank. Callers reported that a woman was yelling at bank customers and pedestrians, and banging on the bank’s windows. When they arrived, they discovered 52-year-old Tatiana Winiarz. She reportedly assaulted the man in the wheelchair, and snatched a bag from his lap, which contained the man’s money and medication. After assaulting the man in the wheelchair, Winiarz was detained by citizens in the area until police arrived. The man’s property was returned at the scene, and he was not injured in the incident. Police took Winiarz into custody.

Winiarz has a significant arrest history primarily in Ventura and Oxnard for public intoxication, spousal abuse, battery on a police officer, interfering with business customers and trespassing.

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