arrest-117558-mNeil Scott, 25, and Timothy Brooks, 18, were arrested for allegedly running a massive drug ring that involved the sale and distribution of drugs to numerous high schools in the Main Line suburban district of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. According to police, both Scott and Brooks used their former sports connections and business knowledge to spawn one of the city’s largest drug ventures — all the while targeting high schools.

The drug problem in Main Line Philly had become so bad that authorities dubbed it “Project Main Line Takeover.” After a tedious 4-month long investigation, authorities felt comfortable with the amount of evidence linking Scott and Brooks to the drug ring, at which point warrants were issued for their arrest and the two were taken into custody on a long list of related charges.

According to the police report, Scott and Brooks were selling a variety of drugs — including marijuana, ecstasy, cocaine and hash oil — to five high schools in the Tony Bedroom community. In order to push the drugs, they allegedly recruited several students from each of the schools. This essentially led to the formation of a monopoly, as Scott and Brooks were able to force the competition out to create their own drug enterprise centered around suburban high schools.

Scott and Brooks met while playing Lacrosse at The Haverford School. While attending this $35,000/year private school, the duo began building connections that would later be used to leverage their drug trafficking enterprise.

When questioned by police, Scott told the investigator that he began selling marijuana to make money. He said someone in California would supply him with high-quality marijuana that he would mark up and sell at a premium price in Main Line, Philly. Scott told the investigator that his marijuana “would sell very well on the Main Line because everyone between 15 and 55 loves good weed.

Scott remains in jail with his bail set at $1 million. The other alleged mastermind of the drug ring, Brooks, was released after his family posted a $250,000 bail. Scott’s lawyer, Timothy Egan, claims it the drug ring was run by Brooks, and that his client had no direct relationship with any high school  drug dealers.

Mr. Scott had no direct relationships with any high school students or any high school drug dealers with regards to any substance — including marijuana,” Egan said. “The main contact he had with the high school was Mr. Brooks, and Mr. Brooks already had pre-exiting ties in at least a few of the high schools.”

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