Oxnard Tax Man Guilty of Fraud
Oxnard Tax Man Guilty of Fraud
An Oxnard jury convicted Rodrigo Pablo “Paul” Lozano, 61, of tax fraud after determining that he filed more than $50 million in fraudulent tax returns. According to US attorneys, Lozano applied for thousands of individual tax identification numbers, which are issued by the Social Security Administration to undocumented workers.

Lozano then used the numbers to file more than 12,000 fraudulent tax returns over a period of 18 months between 2011 and 2012. Lozano collected more than $23 million in fraudulent refunds before the Internal Revenue Service intervened. Lozano worked with a number of co-conspirators, who provided him with fraudulent documentation needed to apply for the tax identification numbers. Lozano split the proceeds with his co-conspirators. He could be sentenced to as many as 10 years in federal prison.

An experienced Oxnard fraud lawyer

Fraud is a financial crime, and usually involves misrepresentation of identity or authority; forgery; claiming unentitled benefits from a state or federal program; avoiding tax payments – either as an individual or on behalf of a corporation; using someone else’s credit or credit cards or creating a false circumstance in order to collect on an insurance policy.

Fraud charges are extremely serious and can be brought in either state or federal court. In either case, if you’re facing fraud charges, you need an experienced fraud lawyer who can develop an aggressive, practical defense on your behalf.

In fraud cases, the prosecutor only has to prove that the defendant intended to defraud someone, not that someone was actually victimized, or that the plan was successful. This can put you at a major disadvantage. Making restitution does not void the charges, but it can work in your favor. Prosecutors are sometimes willing to accept restitution in lieu of jail time, but to make that happen, you need to have an aggressive fraud lawyer who will do what it takes to get the prosecutor to accept that.

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