Oxnard Police Seek Domestic Violence Suspect
Oxnard Police Seek Domestic Violence Suspect
A man accused of breaking into his girlfriend’s home and kidnapping her is wanted by the Oxnard police. Earlier this month, police were called to an Oxnard home to respond to a report of a domestic violence assault.

At the scene, a woman reported that Jamell Taylor, 31, had broken into the home and forced her 29-year-old daughter to leave the house with him. Taylor was armed at the time of the kidnapping. The daughter was involved in a romantic relationship with Taylor.

Officers searched the area and located the woman about two hours later, but Taylor was no longer present. The woman was treated at the scene for minor injuries, and did not require hospitalization. Police have not yet found Taylor, who is wanted for questioning regarding the incident. He is also wanted for a parole violation.

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