Oxnard man faces charges for murder, drug crimes
Guillermo Teran, 23, of Oxnard and Tomas Ramos Ochoa, 34, of Los Angeles are facing murder and attempted murder charges following what appears to have been a drug deal gone bad. Teran, who has a criminal history that includes convictions for drug crimes, is alleged to have fired the shots that killed Christian Barrera-Rivera, 23 and Sony Pena, 28.

According to police reports, Barrera-Rivera and Pena arranged to meet the defendants in Woodland Hills to conduct a drug-related transaction. Shortly after their arrival, the pair was fired upon by Teran and Ochoa. Barrera-Rivera and Pena fled the scene in their vehicle, but following a chase, Teran and Ochoa again confronted the victims in Tarzana, where the fatal shootings occurred. Pena was declared dead at the scene, and Barrera-Rivera died later at a local hospital.

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Teran was convicted of drug crimes in federal court in 2012. In addition to the multiple murder charges, both men also face charges of murder during the commission of a robbery and murder by means of discharging a firearm.

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Photo Credit: G Schouten de Jel, via FreeImages.com

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