Oxnard DUI Suspect Charged with Second Degree Murder
Oxnard DUI Suspect Charged with Second Degree Murder
An Oxnard man will return to court later this month to face DUI and second degree murder charges. According to police, the man struck two women while driving under the influence of alcohol. The women had stopped to assist a person involved in a previous hit-and-run accident.

Investigators say that the women came across a hit-and-run accident on East Pleasant Valley Road. They parked their car and activated the vehicle’s hazard lights. Shortly thereafter, the suspect drove through the area, striking the women, and both parked vehicles. One of the women died at the scene. A second woman suffered a serious leg injury. Police located the man a few hours after the accident and took him into custody. Police are still looking for the initial hit-and-run driver.

The suspect has a prior misdemeanor conviction for DUI. He now faces charges of second degree murder, DUI causing injury and leaving the scene of an injury accident. The man remains jailed in lieu of a $530,000 bond. He will return to court on August 31 for matters related to the case.

Oxnard DUI Lawyer

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Photo Credit: Ben Hardill, via Flickr.com

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