Ojai Murder Suspect Arrested in Inyo County
Ojai Murder Suspect Arrested in Inyo County
Police in Inyo County arrested a Meiners Oaks man wanted for the murder of his roommate. Ventura County Sheriff’s deputies received a tip on May 12 that a man had admitted to killing his roommate. He also admitted to dumping the man’s body.

The deputies investigated, and discovered a bloody crime scene at a Meiners Oaks apartment. However, they did not find either resident there. Also missing was the suspect’s truck. Neighbors reported hearing an early-morning disturbance. Based on evidence at the scene, deputies believe the suspect killed his roommate with a sledgehammer.

Later the same day, the California Highway Patrol and Inyo County Sheriff’s deputies located the suspect and his truck. Inyo County is about four hours away from the crime scene. The truck yielded evidence that the victim’s body had been in it. To date, the suspect has been uncooperative and has not revealed the location of the victim’s body.

The suspect has a prior felony history, having pleaded guilty last year to battery with serious bodily injury. Currently, he faces a first-degree murder charge, as well as a special allegation of using a deadly weapon. The suspect remains jailed in lieu of a $2M bond. He will return to court on June 13 for an arraignment hearing.

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Photo Credit: Brandon Hageman, via Flickr.com

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