Ojai Medical Marijuana Co-op Raid
Ojai Medical Marijuana Co-op Raid
The Ventura County Sheriff’s Office raided an Ojai medical marijuana cooperative for the second time in three months. In October, sheriff’s deputies raided the Shangri La Marijuana Cooperative and the home of co-op owner Jeff Kroll. During the raids, they seized bank accounts, business records, marijuana plants and cash, making it difficult for the business to operate, pay taxes and make payroll.

The Ventura medical marijuana cooperative was raided a second time in December in a coordinated operation involving a search of Kroll’s vehicle and home. An attorney for the cooperative said that the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department personnel also made vague statements to him regarding representation for medical marijuana cases.

Medical Marijuana is Legal in California

The production, distribution and consumption of medical marijuana are legal under California law. Additionally, several new laws now in effect allow medical marijuana cooperatives to receive state-issued operating licenses. Certain counties have been unwilling to accept this, and continue to prosecute and harass individuals who are acting legally in the state. Criminal defense attorney Robert Helfend can assist you if you’ve been arrested or charged with medical marijuana use, possession, production or distribution.

Mr. Helfend has practiced criminal defense exclusively in California for more than 30 years. He provides aggressive defense for his clients, especially for medical marijuana users and caregivers, who are acting legally in the State of California. Currently, state and federal laws regarding medical marijuana conflict. Mr. Helfend’s extensive state and federal defense experience can help ensure that your rights are respected.

Robert Helfend fights aggressively for his clients’ rights, regardless of the nature of the charges against them. Contact Robert Helfend or call toll-free at (800) 834-6434, (805) 273-5611, (310) 456-3317 or (818) 591-2809 for an immediate consultation on your Ventura County medical marijuana case.

Photo Credit: Vince Pataky, via FreeImages.com

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