Ojai Fraud Case Delayed
Ojai Fraud Case Delayed
The preliminary hearing for an Ojai medical marijuana cooperative owner has been suspended, and will resume in March. Jeffrey Kroll, 65, who owns the Shangri La Medical Marijuana Cooperative, may face charges of fraud relating to an elder, manufacturing concentrated cannabis, failing to file income tax returns, child endangerment and money laundering.

Kroll and the Shangri La Medical Marijuana Cooperative have been the ongoing focus of law enforcement officials in Ojai. They allege that Kroll diverted funds from the cooperative to his own personal accounts and other business entities, and bought marijuana from other cooperatives to resell to Shangri La Cooperative members. According to Kroll, the cooperative had about 700 members before it was shut down in April 2016.

Before the hearing was suspended, prosecutors offered testimony from an accountant who prepared a tax return for Kroll in 2013. She testified that she notified Kroll that it appeared as though he was commingling funds from the cooperative with his own personal finances. Detectives who investigated the case also testified that Kroll laundered money from the cooperative through other non-related businesses. The hearing will continue in March.

Ojai Fraud Attorney

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