Newbury Park Securities Fraud Defendant Gets Two Years
Newbury Park Securities Fraud Defendant Gets Two Years
A Newbury Park woman will spend two years in the Ventura County Jail, following her conviction for securities fraud. The woman allegedly used the internet to contact and defraud hundreds of victims in an investment scheme.

Beginning in 2010, the defendant created two websites designed to lure investors by promising huge returns. The scheme required investors to recruit other investors before they could collect their returns. At the time of her arrest, authorities estimated that she had duped between 200 and 300 victims throughout the United States.

Authorities believe the woman may have taken as much as $600,000 from would-be investors. The woman claimed she was working with accomplices off-shore and did not benefit from much of the money that she took. The woman claimed that she turned investor funds over to other individuals who had promised investment returns. She said that she never personally met the partners, nor did she know them by name.

Investigators say that they were not able to identify the conspirators. Prior to her arrest, the woman filed a police report detailing the fraudulent actions of her partners. However, she continued to solicit funds for the scheme. At the time of her arrest, the woman was living in a motel in Newbury Park.

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