Murder Trial for Ventura Man
Murder Trial for Ventura Man
A Ventura man is on trial for the murder of his mother’s boyfriend in 2011. Michael Bresnak, 52, is accused of choking Jeffrey Korber, 60, of Laguna Beach to death and placing his body in a freezer in a storage unit near Camarillo. According to prosecutors, Bresnak killed Korber because Korber had attacked Bresnak’s mother, whose home he had lived in since 2010.

Murder suspect asked to bury body on private property

Hannan was questioned by police when Korber was first reported missing by family members in 2011, and said that she last saw Korber driving away from her home to take a new job in Florida. The police closed the case for lack of evidence in early 2012, but reopened it in mid-2013 when a San Bernardino County woman called police to say that Bresnak had asked for permission to bury a body on property the woman had owned. She refused but said that Bresnak kept calling her and she was becoming concerned about her safety. Authorities asked the woman to meet Bresnak in Ventura County, and supplied her with a tracking device, which allowed them to identify the location of the storage facility where Korber’s body was located.

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