Murder Suspect In Thousand Oaks Shooting Identified
Murder Suspect In Thousand Oaks Shooting Identified
Thousand Oaks police have identified the suspect in a murder
murder – suicide attempt at The Oaks Mall earlier this month. Kevin Crane, a local realtor and former Disney child actor shot his ex-wife, then attempted to kill himself. Crane remains hospitalized. The couple had two children and divorced in 2017.

Ventura County Sheriff’s deputies arrested Crane in 2014 on suspicion of domestic battery. Following his arrest, the VCSO seized a handgun belonging to Crane. The prosecutor in the case asked the judge to confiscate the gun. The judge approved that request. Ultimately, the prosecutor’s office dropped the charges against Crane in the case. Crane retrieved the gun from the VCSO, which erroneously released the weapon to him. That gun was later used in the shooting.

It is not clear when or if charges will be filed against Crane in the matter. According to witnesses, he went to a store in the mall where his former wife worked. They argued briefly, and then he shot her several times before shooting himself. Authorities placed the mall on lockdown while they investigated the incident. No one else was injured.

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