Murder Suspect In Santa Paula Won't Stand Trial
Murder Suspect In Santa Paula Won’t Stand Trial
A homeless man in Santa Paula will not stand trial for murder in the fiery homicide of Antonio Fuentes.

Police say that Jorge Chavez, Jr., 36, set fire to Fuentes as Fuentes slept on a park bench in Veteran’s Park. Chavez’s court appointed psychiatrist said that Chavez is delusional and paranoid, so he is not competent to stand trial. Officials will transfer Chavez to a state psychiatric facility for treatment.

According to the prosecutor, Chavez may become competent to stand trial after treatment. Should that happen, he will return to Ventura County for a hearing regarding his mental status. Chavez could face first degree murder and arson charges only when doctors find him competent. He could also face special allegations of torture, heinous murder and using deadly weapons in the assault.

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