Murder Suspect Faces Three Strikes Penalty
Murder Suspect Faces Three Strikes Penalty
A 21-year-old man arrested for a fatal stabbing last August in Camarillo faces lifetime incarceration under California’s three strikes law. Tyler Ostertag, 21, of Camarillo, has already accumulated two felony convictions. He was indicted by a Ventura County grand jury for murder and the special circumstance of using a knife to kill, as well as attempting to dissuade a witness from reporting a crime. He was arraigned on the charges last week, and was expected to plead not guilty.

Three Strikes convictions can lead to life sentence

According to police, Ostertag was involved in a conflict with a group of teens outside of a local fast food restaurant last August and stabbed 16-year-old Daniel Morales in the chest. Morales later died at a local hospital. Ostertag originally fled the scene, but was arrested later that day at a motel in Riverside.

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