Murder Conviction for Ventura Man
Murder Conviction for Ventura Man
A Ventura County jury took just two days to find a Ventura man guilty of murder. The case drew national attention because the suspect hid the victim’s body in a freezer for more than two years.

According to police, Michael Bresnak murdered his mother’s boyfriend, Jeffrey Korber, in March 2011. He then hid Korber’s body in a freezer for more than two years. A 2016 jury split 11-1 on a verdict, and prosecutors retried the case this month.

Investigators said that Korber and Bresnak’s mother were in an on-and-off relationship for about ten years. The couple lived together at the mother’s home at the time of the murder.
Korber missed his daughter’s high school graduation, which prompted his family to report him missing. Investigators received an anonymous tip that led them to Korber’s remains.

Police discovered Korber’s body in a freezer at a storage unit in Ventura. An autopsy showed that Korber died after being strangled. Bresnak was already in police custody on unrelated charges when they arrested him for murder. They arrested him and charged him with Korber’s death in June 2013.

Police also said that Bresnak’s mother assisted him in hiding the body. The woman maintained that she did not know of Korber’s death until police informed her in 2013. According to investigators, Bresnak told his mother how to keep the freezer running in the storage unit. A grand jury indicted Bresnak’s mother on conspiracy and accessory charges. She is awaiting trial.

Bresnak faces a sentence of 18 years to life when he returns to court in February for sentencing.

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