Murder Conviction in Laut Case
Murder Conviction in Laut Case
Prosecutors in Ventura County won a first-degree murder conviction against Jane Laut, wife of former Olympic track and field standout Dave Laut. After four days of deliberation, the jury found Laut guilty of the murder charge and the special enhancement of personally and intentionally discharging a weapon. Laut was accused of shooting her husband in August 2009.

Domestic violence defense used in murder trial

Dave Laut, who was the athletic director at Hueneme High School at the time of his death, won a bronze medal in the 1984 Summer Olympic games, held in Los Angeles. Jane Laut claimed that she was the victim of domestic violence throughout the couple’s 29-year marriage. She testified that she had been beaten, raped and abused habitually, and that he had brandished a gun and threatened to shoot her, the couple’s 10-year-old son, and the couple’s two dogs on the night he died.

Jane Laut testified that she and her husband fought over control of the weapon, and that she could not remember exactly what happened during the physical altercation. Prosecutors argued that the evidence did not support Jane Laut’s version of the events of that night, pointing out that Dave Laut had been shot six times at point-blank range in the back of the head.

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