Murder conviction for Fillmore Highway 126 driver
Murder conviction for Fillmore Highway 126 driver
A Fillmore man faces a life sentence for murder and attempted murder following a deliberate Highway 126 crash. A jury found the man guilty of the intentional death of another motorist while attempting to kill his passenger.

According to prosecutors, the man told his passenger that they would both die in an intentional crash. He drove recklessly on the highway, at speeds approaching 90 miles per hour. At one point, the man deliberately struck the rear of another vehicle. The driver of that vehicle lost control of his car and crossed the center line. A semi-truck traveling in the opposite direction struck the badly damaged vehicle. The victim died as a result of the collision with the truck.

The Fillmore man and his passenger were injured in the incident, but both survived. Following the crash, the Fillmore man told police that he intentionally struck the victim’s car. Jurors deliberated for about a day before returning a guilty verdict.

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